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The history of our region is written in the pockets of landscapes and architecture that still stand as reminders of a simpler time. Back then, builders were guided mostly by common sense in the resources and materials they used — what was proven to work well over time. And even as the styles of building reflected designs with a sense of purpose, the styles themselves became the templates for classics that endured through many decades.

In recent years a cultural shift has turned back the clock toward a renewed awareness of the importance of using resources wisely. At Lindsay Construction those values — the utility and wisdom of common sense building — have been the cornerstones of our culture for more than three decades. And, the advantages of today’s technology offer both homeowners and builders new opportunities to blend style with a sense of purpose.

In The Works

Steps set at the family entry, up next is the reclaimed brick pavers.
Say bye to this barn! Demo happening soon to be replaced with a new sports barn/ garage!
The breakfast bar is installed.
A little cabinetry touch-ups.
This marble shower just needs grout.
Installing a natural slate and reclaimed brick patio.
Still Pond Project - digging has begun!
Coffered ceiling is installed.
And the selection is... Rosewood.
Soapstone is installed!
Stain samples!  What will the client choose?
Cabinets set, up next countertops and crown.

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