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Design Collaboration


Simply put, the design collaborative from Lindsay Construction is an approach to renovation projects that’s novel, commonsense, and long overdue. Instead of three separate professions– architect, builder, interior designer, each from a different firm – viewing your project from their own perspectives, why not combine all three in a collaborative team? Instead of having three separate entities come to a project at different stages, why not involve all three in a collaborative team working together — from the very start?

Our design collaboration approach answers those questions in a way that can change the whole equation for a homeowner contemplating a renovation project. Rather than seeking out individual services piecemeal, our design collaborative team allows you to harness our talents, skills, and experience, all in one place, all at one time.Rather than trying to manage and coordinate overlaps between the services as your project moves through phases, our coordination and teamwork is built in from the beginning.

It’s a commonsense solution that improves communication and efficiency through every phase of your project, while saving you valuable time. So instead of three different conversations to get started, let’s have just one. Talk to us – all of us –about design collaboration at Lindsay Construction.

In The Works

Steps set at the family entry, up next is the reclaimed brick pavers.
Say bye to this barn! Demo happening soon to be replaced with a new sports barn/ garage!
The breakfast bar is installed.
A little cabinetry touch-ups.
This marble shower just needs grout.
Installing a natural slate and reclaimed brick patio.
Still Pond Project - digging has begun!
Coffered ceiling is installed.
And the selection is... Rosewood.
Soapstone is installed!
Stain samples!  What will the client choose?
Cabinets set, up next countertops and crown.

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